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Join our party!  Grab your 80's Class of 2022 T shirt today.  I'm also giving your a gift... my 3 part bundle "Find A College For Me" guide set.  You see, I worked in college admissions.  The thing that is the worst is when a student can't decide what they want. 

It's like you're making this super adult decision that impacts your future... you visit a college that should be amazing for you and it's "blah" - why?  Read my guides and you'll discover what you're looking for in a college and more important FIND IT!  #collegeing
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Roxanne Rockvam! I worked in college admissions for five years. I've visited students from all over the country.  Whether it was a small school with 4 students in their senior class (really... 4 students) to the school with over 1,000 in their senior class. You all have the same concern... "How do I pick the right college?" Well, it's not about picking the right college, but about finding the right college for YOU.  To do this you need to sort out what you're really looking for in a school and finally taking action to get it! Action 1- Go grab your shirt and join our party!
"...This Thing Really Works For Me!"
One page. That's it.  Everything from freshman year through senior year.  It's the stuff your teachers, parents, and crazy admissions staff tell you - but in one ominous piece of paper. 

Actually everything on one page makes it easy to see if you missed something so you can get back on track today.
The College Funnel.
"...You Won't Believe Til You See It!"
"Why do I visit a campus and it just feels wrong.  I arrive and I feel like a fish out of water.  OK impossible. Maybe I feel more like a fish trying to climb a tree.  Is that possible?  I don't know this whole college search thing sucks, it's not fun."  Ever feel like that?  Minus the lame fish analogy?  Get this guide and get organized to find your perfect college.
Find a College for Me.
"...It's A Life Saver! I'm So Thankful!"
What are the top questions to NEVER ask an admissions counselor?

What should I do to plan a super awesome college visit?

How do I make the most out of a college fair? They seem dumb.

Answer these questions and more!
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